Realise the Divine Within

“Those caught in the grip of Despair, Hurt and Anger cling to an ugly illusion.
Those who think they are ‘THERE’ in a spiritual sense are caught in the grip of an equally ugly illusion. Stillness is to be experienced, not chased.
The purest liquid can be made foul by the vessel with which it is carried.
So do not join the mad chase from Fad to Fad, Guru to Guru, but contemplate the Divine Within. Cleanse your Bodily Vessel to allow its purity to grow and enlighten……..Sai Ram”

Discourse December 2012

Enliven your spiritual understanding by bringing some simple truths to the forefront of your mind.

Do Your Best to live in Non-judgment of others.

Do Your Best to live in Love.

Do Your Best to do what is Right.

Do Your Best to be Non-violent to all beings.

Do your best to live in Truth

'We chase our tails to find the elusive truth of Life, and yet it looks us in the face where ever we turn.
The Divine is in all things. It lives in you. It surrounds you. You are not separate from it.
This thing we call mind tries to fill us with illusions. It concentrates on all that is not to give us a picture of what “Is”. Why not accept mind for the servant that it should be and take back what is rightfully yours.
Your Divine Inheritance.
As societies develop toward the search for Nobel truths we allow belief structures to grow, guide and formulate paths toward spiritual enlightenment. They give us many pathways to the same destination. No one is brighter, better, or more correct than another. Each has specific merits for the areas and people for which they were formulated. Our own short comings provide the breeding ground for extremism, secularism and intolerance. The frailties of our lower mind create the prejudice that leads to faith based conflict.

RISE! Rise above your past and embrace the confidence in your Belief to see beyond. Examine deeper to see these truths. There is no need to see difference. There is nothing to be gained from trying to convert others to your point of view.
ACCEPT! Accept all for their Divinity Within, no matter how hidden or unreconciled this simple truth may be.
REALISE! Realise that perceived short comings of another is but a reflection of the space you (the perceiver) and they are in. Only then can you begin to truly understand your belief and its part in Ultimate Reality….. Sai Ram.'
Discourse December 2012

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